“The mystical power which springs from the artist’s soul passes though the written word, though the visual image, the musical instrument, the song or dance, and plucks at the soul of all mankind.” – Mokichi Okada

Art and beauty have the power to uplift the human spirit and bring joy and happiness. Beauty has the power to bring out the best qualities of our nature and inspires us to transform society, putting us in touch with ideals that nourish our mind and heart, and guide our actions.

Shumei actively nurtures an awareness and understanding of art’s power and significance through:

  • Exhibitions, seminars and special events at the Miho Museum and other locations,
  • Performances and concerts including special performances by the Shumei Taiko Ensemble,
  • Education programs for young people which provide them with opportunities to experience beauty and connect with nature.

We encourage our members and friends to integrate the arts and the appreciation of beauty into all aspects of their lives.