The Miho Museum

By cultivating the appreciation of beauty in our lives, we can transform our minds and actions, and thus our impact on the world around us. If more people could experience the uplifting power of beauty, including the beauty in nature, we could heal the world from much of the suffering that exists today.

This belief is one of the founding principles of the Shumei philosophy and one of the main reasons the Miho Museum was established in 1997.  Situated in Shiga, Japan, just a few miles from Misono, Shumei’s International Headquarters, the Miho Museum provides opportunities for everyone to experience beauty in a unique and serene setting.

The Museum is known globally for its impressive collection and stunning design, which is the result of a singular engineering achievement. With eighty-percent of the structure hidden within a forested mountainside, the building perfectly harmonizes with the natural splendor of the surrounding Shigaraki Mountains.  Designed by acclaimed architect I.M. Pei, it is considered one of his masterpieces.

Through sponsored educational programming at the Museum, Shumei provides opportunities for young people, families recovering from natural disasters, people with disabilities and students from the local communities to experience beauty and connect to nature and the arts in a breathtaking atmosphere.  Visitors can experience all elements of the Shumei philosophy at the museum, including art, music, nature and even food that is the product of Natural Agriculture, both at the popular museum restaurant and tea room, and the farmers market.

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