Shumei International Publications

In partnership with Navdanya, Shumei International published this limited-edition collection of essays from leading environmentalists and thought leaders on their relationship with Nature and the living planet.

Visions of the Living Earth

Visions of the Living Earth is the first in the series of books created to inspire a shift in attitudes and behaviors towards lifestyles, economies, agriculture and industries in Harmony with Nature. Launched at the United Nations Summit for Sustainable Development (RIO+20) in 2012, Visions of the Living Earth celebrates the beauty and vitality of our planet as a living organism, honoring the living forces that sustain us and the relationship communities around the world have with the Earth. Visions of the Living Earth features stunning imagery of nature alongside contributions from visionaries and leaders such as Maurice Strong, Vandana Shiva, Pablo Solón, Ela Gandhi, Alice Waters, Wes Jackson, and many others.

Visions of the Living Seed

Visions of the Living Seed explores the vital importance of seeds as the source of life on our planet. The authors explore how natural seeds can ensure biodiversity and regenerative sources of food for future generations for a deeper understanding and respect for seed. Each essay offers a different perspective and appreciation of seed to inspire efforts to support and protect the integrity and diversity of natural seed. Visions of the Living Seed features unique and compelling imagines of seeds alongside inspiring contributions from Vandana Shiva, Satish Kumar, Joan Brown Campbell, Frederik Berselius, Anthony Rodale, Floredemayo, and many others./p>

Visions of the Living Soil

Visions of the Living Soil explores the current state of soil on our planet and its intrinsic link to some of the most critical environmental issues of our time. Through striking photography and the contributions of thought leaders, environmentalists and scientists across the globe, Visions of the Living Soil challenges our perceptions and urges us to take a closer look at role of soil in addressing climate change, food security, and sustainable agriculture. Contributors include Vandana Shiva, Irina Bokova, Helen Browning, Rattan Lal, Wanjira Mathai, Elaine Ingham, David Bronner, Masayuki Okuda, and many others.