Visions of the Living Soil

Published in spring of 2016, Visions of the Living Soil will explore the current state of soil on our planet and its intrinsic link to some of the most critical environmental issues of our time. Through striking photography and the contributions of thought leaders, environmentalists and scientists from across the globe, Visions of the Living Soil challenges our perceptions and urges us to take a closer look at living soil’s role in addressing climate change, food security and sustainable agriculture..

Full List of Contributors Shumei International (foreword) Vandana Shiva (introduction)
Irina Bokova Satish Kumar Helen Browning Rattan Lal Wanjira Mathai Elaine R. Ingham Jessica Hutchings André Leu Roberta Sudbrack
Hilal Elver Melchiade Bukuru Dan Longboat Hans R. Herren Kazunari Yokoyama Nnimmo Bassey David Bronner Deborah Koons Garcia Masayuki Okuda

Visions of the Living Seed

Visions of the Living Seed, a newly released collection of compelling photographs and inspiring contributions, explores the vital importance of seed as the source of life on our planet. Through a deeper understanding and respect for seed, authors explore how natural seeds can ensure biodiversity and regenerative sources of food for future generations.

Full List of Contributors Shumei International (foreword) Vandana Shiva (introduction)
Satish Kumar Hans R. Herren Tom B.K. Goldtooth Jon Betz Salvatore Ceccarelli Fredrik Berselius Patrick Holden Barbara Sargent Warwick Manfrinato Humberto Rios Barbara Hachipuka Banda
Joan Brown Campbell Simone Senogles Mariam Mayet Taggart Siegel Flordemayo Anthony Rodale Javier Carrera Isao Noguchi Hildur Jackson Jonathon Porritt