Natural Agriculture

Natural Agriculture is a means of cultivating wholesome food with pure seeds and without the use of any fertilizers, chemicals or additives. The approach is GMO-free, low-input, and agro-ecology focused. It emphasizes the use of indigenous, natural seeds, encourages seed-saving, and stresses the cultivation of soil in its natural state – without additional elements. More than an approach to agriculture, it is a way of living mindfully and in harmony with nature.

  • Firstly, Natural Agriculture eliminates fossil-fuel intensive inputs into the soil. Pure and healthy soil increases water retention and the sequestration of carbon from the atmosphere. This helps to mitigate run off, desertification and greenhouse gases.
  • Secondly, Natural Agriculture encourages seed-saving. Seed-saving is an essential activity in farming which promotes food security, creates hardier and healthier plants, supports agro-biodiversity, and empowers local farmers.
  • Thirdly, Natural Agriculture makes consumers into partners, allowing them to reconnect with nature and participate in the natural system, which can translate into consumer-supported agriculture

By practicing Natural Agriculture, individuals learn:
  • Respect for nature and how to honor the cycle of life and integrity of the Earth’s ecosystems
  • Gratitude and the importance of the farmer-consumer relationship
  • How to grow safe and healthy food that is rich in nutrients and flavor

Shumei’s approach to Natural Agriculture is spreading around the world. It is practiced by thousands of farmers globally – including farms in Canada, Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, Japan, Philippines, the United States, and Zambia. In addition to these working farms, there are numerous Natural Agriculture home gardens and plots being cultivated worldwide. Here are select sites where Natural Agriculture is being practiced.