Appreciation of beauty in Life


Working to better the human community by promoting a way
of living in harmony & respect for nature through
Natural Agriculture

Our Philosophy. Shumei International is dedicated to fostering a deep respect for nature, an appreciation for beauty and to bringing spiritual values to the fore. Shumei seeks to nurture the qualities of respect, compassion and gratitude.

Many of Shumei’s programs aspire to cultivate these qualities which are essential for creating a more peaceful world in harmony with nature. A priority is placed on encouraging long-term solutions to global challenges based on sustainable living.

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A group of 360 scientists from 42 countries are calling for a global transition to #agroecology, an ecological approach to agriculture that promotes #biodiversity, builds #soilhealth, produces nutritious food + incorporates ancestral knowledge and customs.

The global development goals can be achieved if we work together towards a more sustainable and inclusive future. #SustainableAgriculture #HarmonyWithNature

Natural Agriculture stresses the relationship among all elements in the growing process – the seed, water, light and surrounding vegetation – and is based on an “overriding respect and concern for Nature.” #NaturalAgriculture #ConnectWithNature

#OneHealthOnePlanet, all health is connected and we must approach the ecosystem health and human health together moving forward. #ConnectWithNature #RebuildBetter

Paradise restored: How Costa Rica saved its biodiversity: #BiodiversityRestored #CostaRica

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