Appreciation of beauty in Life


Working to better the human community by promoting a way
of living in harmony & respect for nature through
Natural Agriculture

Our Philosophy. Shumei International is dedicated to fostering a deep respect for nature, an appreciation for beauty and to bringing spiritual values to the fore. Shumei seeks to nurture the qualities of respect, compassion and gratitude.

Many of Shumei’s programs aspire to cultivate these qualities which are essential for creating a more peaceful world in harmony with nature. A priority is placed on encouraging long-term solutions to global challenges based on sustainable living.

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65% of Africa's soils are now considered degraded, threatening #food #security in the region. Learn how #regenerativeagriculture and #soil management can reverse this trend, strengthen #ecosystems, promote #biodiversity, and improve livelihoods. @Reuters

As #food #systems around the globe struggle with food #sovereignty, take a moment to learn "How communities in Guatemala are using ancestral knowledge to build community resilience and restore food systems"

There were a lot of agriculture events at the UN Climate Change Summit this year. Here are some @COP27 events by @IFOAM in the Food4Climate Pavillion.

As @COP27P comes to a close, let us remember the power of #naturalagriculture as a solution to #climate #change while boosting #SoilHealth, preserving #biodiversity and providing humanity with nutritious and tasty food.

We were inspired by the women and indigenous voices from the Global South @COP27P. Here is a link to their session by our friends @regeneration_in that dives into how respecting food sovereignty, ancestral sciences, and technologies can aid local economies

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