Working to better the human community by promoting a way
of living in harmony & respect for nature through
Natural Agriculture

Our Philosophy. Shumei International is dedicated to fostering a deep respect for nature, an appreciation for beauty and to bringing spiritual values to the fore. Shumei seeks to nurture the qualities of respect, compassion and gratitude.

Many of Shumei’s programs aspire to cultivate these qualities which are essential for creating a more peaceful world in harmony with nature. A priority is placed on encouraging long-term solutions to global challenges based on sustainable living.

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The details behind the latest seed monopoly chart. Learn more here via @CivilEats :

#Organic farming is on the rise in the US with a 56% increase of organic #farms from 2011 to 2016. Learn more here via @pewresearch @FactTank :

Environmental sustainability factors are in the works to be included in the 2020 Dietary Guidelines. #naturalagriculture #susatainability Read more here:

In history, up to 7 000 species have been cultivated for food.

Yet, today only 3 crops provide more than 40% of our daily calories!

Exploring other types of plants is vital for our #FutureofFood!

#Biodiversity #ZeroHunger

Amid global #soil crisis, governments struggle to reach farmers. Read more via @devex :

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