Visions of the Living Soil

Visions of the Living Seed
October 20, 2016
Celebrating World Soil Day 12/5 – A Look at Marrakech COP 22
December 5, 2016

soil-book-final-design-coverPublished in spring of 2016, Visions of the Living Soil will explore the current state of soil on our planet and its intrinsic link to some of the most critical environmental issues of our time. Through striking photography and the contributions of thought leaders, environmentalists and scientists from across the globe, Visions of the Living Soil challenges our perceptions and urges us to take a closer look at living soil’s role in addressing climate change, food security and sustainable agriculture.





Full List of Contributors
Shumei International (foreword)
Vandana Shiva (introduction)
Irina Bokova
Satish Kumar
Helen Browning
Rattan Lal
Wanjira Mathai
Elaine R. Ingham
Jessica Hutchings
André Leu
Roberta Sudbrack
Hilal Elver
Melchiade Bukuru
Dan Longboat
Hans R. Herren
Kazunari Yokoyama
Nnimmo Bassey
David Bronner
Deborah Koons Garcia
Masayuki Okuda

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